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Friday, June 17, 2011

Les outrages extremes de Silvia (2004) - Full Movie

Who would believe that the pretty fair head of Silvia Saint, if innocent seemingly, shelters such delirious phantasms, close to the madness? The "psychiatrist" to which it tells his visions does not believe his ears of them. Obsessed by dwarf démoniaque which badgers it, Silvia is captive of an anteroom of the hell where the sex-king revet his most extreme forms. Forced by a horned satyr who has it with violence, it assists, in a burning room, with the punishments inflicted to young women masochists before delivering itself to the attacks of an athletic black, then with the saphic pleasures which superb African lavishes to him... Throughout this film with the images of a great plastic beauty, Silvia Saint faces men and with women, insane of driven back desires, in sexual confrontations of an incredible perversity.


AVI 352x240

Length: 01:19:36 Hrs

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