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Friday, October 14, 2011

Passages 1: Coming Of Age (1991) - Full Movie [ Christy Canyon ]


A story in four stages , a series dealing with the passion and drama in the stages of a woman's life, as she discovers her sexuality and the wonders of body. Part one begins with Christy. And you.

Now how to describe this gem. This movie is an Ultimate Classic Including the Other 3 parts in the series. This is not your normal porn . It has a very good plot , good Acting, and damn hot Sex Scenes, If you are a softcore fan , then also watch this , because the sex in this movie is erotic as well. And don't forget the dirty talk by Christy Canyon , You. will not regret watching her.

First Scene of this movie is enough to keep you interested in the whole series. In the first Scene Cristy canyon Says," I know that you are always staring at my ass , I always feel like you are behind me , bite my ass .....and so on " .


AVI 528 x 432

Length: 01:14:37 Hrs

654.47 MB






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