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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Passages 3: Working (1991) - Full Movie [ Christy Canyon ]


By the time Jennifer Stewart is through with this series, she'll be the crown princess of adult coming-of-age movies. Well, Jennifer's still coming-of-age in this one, and so is her college chum Christy Canyon. In Part 3, five years have passed since their school days. Stewart is now divorced from Marc Wallive, and Canyon is like the arbiter of successful womanhood, except she doesn't have anyone close in her life. Only Christy still has this mental thing that causes her to put off men at a distance.Her gadabout reputation pretty much precedes her with every new guy she deals with. Everyone wants to psychoanalyze her: her new boyfriend, Mickey Ray (a wonderful set of scenes between the two of them), If you've seen the first two parts of this series, you can expect the same high quality, stylish shoot. Nice-looking with solid lighting, editing, etc.,
For those who haven't stocked these films, don't let Passages pass you by. The series is a must.


AVI 352 x 288

Length: 01:13:35 Hrs

645.60 MB








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