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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Foto Hot Girang Tante Olla Ramlan

When asked which female celebrity in Indonesia has a high appeal, of course the answer Olla Ramlan. Artist whose full Febiolla Ramlan was no stranger to on our television screens. His face is beautiful always adorned our television screens. Banjarmasi born woman is a sister of Chyntia Ramlan. "Olla Ramlan" debut began his career after being a finalist the selection of Cover Girl Mode 1997 and there Olla champion favorite. Olla career started from there continue to soar.

Although Olla has a fairly mature age, but the sensuality of a very large Ramlan Olla. Not only has a beautiful face but in proportion of entities having an Olla Ramlan a fantastic body. Prestige as a top celebrity getting jumped after a presenter of music show with Olga and Raffi Ahmad. Not only that, the ads were pretty much starred.

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